Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust


I can’t remember what the full conversation was about or where it stemmed from. To be fair, I was engrossed in the delicious baked chicken and potatoes au gratin mum had cooked for dinner that night. However, one phrase she said caught my attention and had me pondering during the drive back home.

“Have faith and all will fall into place”

She had quoted someone from her religious class. I’ll admit, I may not be the most spiritual person or most-read when it came to religious scriptures (this is something I hope to continuously improve one, God willing) – but one thing I do believe is that faith, regardless of one’s belief, teaches a person hope, empathy and kindness. To me, the basis of religion is to do good. You may call it karma or whatever term, but it made sense to me that someone who was good to others, would get good back in return. I found solace believing in that sense of hope.

However, being in a science-centric industry, work was always based on facts and logic. Things happened if the numbers matched or if the logic was right. Soon enough, I found my life guided by facts and mathematical probabilities. When things did not go my way, I blamed the numbers or the people involved. I easily lost hope.

Mum’s phrase had me thinking about how my life has been a constant roller-coaster of delight or emptiness both due to either my accomplishments or failure. I never had a feeling that fell in between. In difficult situations, I allowed fear to engulf me instead of having hope that things will turn out alright.

So, thanks mum for reminding me that a heart full of faith knows that in the very, very end, things will always turn out right and how they are meant to be.

Photo from Google.



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