A Book a Month

One of my goals for 2017 is to read at least a book a month. This is pretty lenient considering how much of an avid reader I was back in high school. Ever since graduating college, I’ve found it difficult to get accustomed to the habit of picking up a book instead of my smartphone during my free time. My dad used to always tell me that reading opens up creative dimensions in the mind and naturally broadens vocabulary. I noticed how limited my vocabulary has gotten when I had to write a one-pager proposal at work and realized I couldn’t muster up the words to string together into beautiful phrases.

So naturally, an initiative I decided to take at the start of the year was to read AT LEAST a book a month. I’ll be honest and say I haven’t stayed true to my words until, well, today – but hey, it’s a week to the start of a brand new quarter of the year and it’s always better late than never.

So these are the two books I’ve picked up for this month – decided to challenge myself and attempt to make up for the three books I could have read at the start of the year.


So far, setting this short term goal has helped kick start my reading habit. This exercise sort of feels like lubricating an old engine that needs some TLC to get back up and running. Perhaps to those of you who were once avid readers like me but lost touch with the reading habit somehow, try setting a target to complete a book a month and you’d be surprised by how your mind is naturally driven to achieve that goal. Alternatively, if you love company and talking, consider getting together with a few friends to form a book club!

Photos from Google.


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